JSDK Hair Courses

We have brought our years of hair care experience online for you!

At JSDK Hair we not only sell raw hair extensions that are chemical free and natural, but we go beyond that to educate our customers on how to care for their own hair. Get started with our self-paced online courses.


Co-Founder, JSDK Hair

Racheal Williams

Our philosophy at JSDK Hair is that we are the “customer”, we specifically cater to black women and their hair. When I first started wearing hair extensions, I came across a lot of bad hair! I had no idea how to identify high-quality 100% human hair extensions. So, I spent a lot of money on hair that was labelled as “virgin human hair”; but in reality contained anything and everything from plastic fibers, animal hair, and toxic chemicals. At JSDK Hair, we spent years researching and finding chemical-free, high-quality 100% raw Indian human hair extensions. We source our hair directly from India, with our hair you never have to worry about shedding, matting, tangles, or hair that is toxic. With my industry experience, let me save you the time and trouble of learning the hard way. PS: If you have questions, send them over to info@jsdkhair.com